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A Life-Changing Experience...Not Just For Me - Fernandes Fitness
Photo that will appear in the upcoming Amazon-published book entitled, “Real Talk With Real Fit Pros”

There are less than two weeks and until a life-changing day arrives for me and a number of fine people I proudly call family by choice…

Wednesday, May 3 is Launch Day for our book collaboration entitled, “Real Talk With Real Fit Pros.” Those who get their hands on this book (and you’ll find it on Amazon) will get the truth behind why and how we have reached this point in our lives.

I have read a whole slew of books from published authors I know and admire, and I’ve learned a ton from all of them that I apply to my life, personally and professionally.

That’s why we wrote this book. That’s why we’re sharing this book with the world.

We want what’s inside to resonate with all of you. We want our words to motivate, to inspire. We want to make an impact, like so many others have done for us.

So stay tuned…because you’re going to read and hear a lot more about it in the next 2 weeks! And before we know it, our passion will become reality. And if you want to know what the five words that changed my life are…

Well, I guess you’ll just have to buy the book.