People spend money on what they want to spend money on, and too often it’s not their health.

I wish I could laugh at this meme.

But all I can manage is a shake of the head when I look at it.

Because this was me for two decades.

I ate like crap for years.

Quick, convenient, easy and filling…those were my four major food groups.

And that often meant takeout.

It became instinctive to drop money left and right on fast food, especially when I was on the road for work.

I became rather adept at eating McDonald’s Big Macs while driving. I didn’t even attempt to add it all up – the money I spent and the weight I gained.

But what happened when the subject of getting healthy by working with a trainer came up?

Your Health is Invaluable

“I can’t afford it.”

It was a BS line then.

It’s a BS line now because the meaning behind it has nothing to do with money.

It has everything to do with fear.

Fear of commitment.

Fear of change.

Fear of failure.

Fear of all the hard work, all the challenges, and all the ups and downs, that fall between commitment, change and failure.

People spend their money on what they want to spend their money on.

I was no different in those days.

Yet for the longest time, investing in my health wasn’t a necessity. It was a luxury that I didn’t believe fit into my budget.

Because I didn’t want to face that I was overweight, out of shape and unhealthy.

And I didn’t want to do anything about it, until I couldn’t ignore my health any longer.

And to this day, I still wonder why it took me so long to do it. Because it was worth every penny.