Victor Fernandes owner of

You know those dreams you have for you and your family that remain unfulfilled because you lack the confidence to make them come true?

That was me a decade ago, a husband and father of three active sons in my late 30s who weighed nearly 250 pounds…until I lost 70+ pounds in a year, with the help of a trainer, as part of a transformation for my family that continues to unfold as we live out our dream of living at the beach on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

As owner of Fernandes Fit LLC and an experienced trainer and coach, I help busy families pursue their dreams together by transforming their lives through fitness, nutrition and the proper mindset, and finding the inner strength they need to achieve what they once thought to be unimaginable.

Sure, my clients, who range in age from 16 to 83, lose weight and gain muscle tone. Yet, they also have gained the self-confidence to…

Ask a girl on a date.

Recapture youth as a mother to active teenagers through a pair of skinny jeans from those memorable college days.

Gain the ability to find balance in life, on a devoted dog father’s own two feet.

Build the energy to live life to the fullest despite battling arthritis.

It’s a complete transformation – mentally, emotionally and physically. I give everything I have to make sure of it.

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I welcome everyone to join me in making working out fun, exciting and successful! I look forward to working out with you!