Me showing off medals from the 2015 & 2016 Beast on the Bay, an annual 10-mile obstacle course held in Erie, PA.

We often talk about our ‘Why’ in health and fitness…

That reason why this time will be different, why this time we will accomplish our goal in becoming a better and healthier version of ourselves – no matter how many times we have tried and failed in the past.

But here’s another question to consider…

Why not?

Set goals that scare the hell out of us and excite us at the same time.

Accomplish things we’ve never dreamed of doing before.

Discover more about us than we’ve ever imagined was there.

A client and I discussed this very topic the other day, and it got me a bit nostalgic thinking back to the days when I…

Learned how to ice skate for the first time in my mid-30s.

Played ice hockey for 12 years.

Ran my first 5K…first 10K…first sub-8 minute mile.

Completed a 10-mile obstacle course created by a former Navy SEAL through water, sand, mud, swamp, woods and more…


Switched careers, from sports journalism to health and fitness.

Opened my own health and fitness business.

There once was a time when I never thought those accomplishments were possible. Looking back on those days, I simply was too scared to make it happen, so there was no reason to even consider them, much less achieve them.

But getting into my best physical shape impacted me so much mentally and emotionally. That’s why I so often say that physical fitness is so much more mental and emotional than physical.

Because suddenly, the answer to ‘Why not?’ was clear.

As in, ‘Why not do it,’ because anything is possible.

So…what do you want to accomplish that you think or once thought was impossible?

Put it down on paper in ink! Share it out loud with your family and friends.

Then set out to make it happen!

Because you can!